Macys Employee Dress Code – the Do’s and Don’ts

Those who are working for Macys might be fully aware of the Macys employee dress code which everyone is expected to follow. Macys is very strict when it comes to this since they want their employees to act as the company’s brand ambassadors. They believe that if their employees are not dressed well, they cannot expect customers to patronize their brand. So just to give you an idea on what the Macys employee dress code is, refer to the following below.

Women Selling Associates

If you are a woman and are among the selling associates of Macys, then you will have to wear a black or solid black pinstripe pants which should fall between your feet and knees. The top must be solid black as well, either in the form of blouses, knits or shirts. Sleeveless tops are allowed, especially during summer, for as long as they have a wider shoulder width.
Furthermore, the Macys employee dress code for women selling associates states that the clothes must not be ill-fitting that undergarment lines will be clearly visible. This is very unprofessional and should be avoided by women associates since they are expected to deal directly with the shoppers.

Men Selling Associates

Men who deal with customers directly, or those who are among the selling associates of Macys department stores, are also strictly advised to follow the proper Macys employee dress code. They can wear any black or dark colored suit, for as long as it is professional looking and must reflect the formality of the merchandise that they are selling in the store.
The undershirt can be any colored or patterned shirt which can add sophistication to the overall ensemble. They are free to choose whatever color or pattern they want for their tie and they must wear dark shoes with socks at all times.


Although everyone is expected to strictly adhere to the Macys employee dress code that the company imposes, there are certain instances that they give exceptions to some employees. Among these are for religious purposes or for health or medical reasons. Employees who need to ask for an exception not to follow the Macys employee dress code, under the following conditions stated or for other reasons, must ask permission from the Regional Human Resources Center of Macys or from the Central Human Resources. They may or may not be asked to provide documentations or support to prove their claim.

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